Yoga for Acidity or Acid Reflux – Natural Heartburn Relief!

Posted on 25th June 2016 in Acid Reflux Remedies

Yoga for Acidity or Acid Reflux

For many of us suffering from heartburn or acid reflux, the easiest option is to just pop up a pill, as that eases the pain pretty quickly. But, we tend to forget the fact that it is just a temporary relief, as the pill suppresses the pain for a while. The pain is just the symptom of a major health problem that is lying silently underneath. Until and unless we take care of that root cause of the problem itself, the pain and the irritation will keep re-occurring. Moreover, the side-effects of such medications are countless and pretty harmful in the long run.

So we have to find natural ways & remedies that heal the ailments from its roots, rather than just suppressing its external symptoms. These natural or holistic approach are without any side effects and negative consequences on our body.

In this article, we will be looking at the various types of yoga for acidity or acid reflux, and how it can help us cure this health issue.

Yoga – One answer to many problem!

Yoga is a 5000 old Indian body of holistic knowledge, which literally means union. It’s a way of life to ultimately unite the individual consciousness with the Supreme consciousness into One. It disciplines your mind, body and soul to a perfect alignment, making them work together towards a better and fulfilled life. It strengthens our body and calms our mind. It can relief you from all your chronic ailments, thereby giving you a happier and stress-free life!

Yoga is a powerful way to get your whole system back on track and gain control over your health and well-being. With just few of simple Asanas (Yogic postures) and Pranayam (Breathing exercise), it can enhance the functioning of your digestive system and make the organs work properly, thus alleviating your problems. In tunes you up from the inside and gradually move you towards complete natural healing.

According to a study, around 45% of the people suffering from heartburn identify stress as the major reason from their reflux issues. Increase in stress directly effects the production of acid in the stomach, thus increasing the risk of acid reflux. Pranayam (controlling one breathing pattern) induces into you a meditative mood and relaxes you from within, thus relieving you from stress and anxiety.  It also cleanses the various toxins and unwanted substances that have being deposited over a long period time in our body as a result of unhealthy living and eating habits. In this way, it helps purify the blood and amplify the blood circulation in your entire body. This process of cleansing and purifying rejuvenates you as a whole!

Yoga energizes you, tones and stimulates your abdomen, thus stabilizing the digestive process.  Alone with the lifestyle changes, introduce the power of yoga into your daily routine to ease your pains and live a healthy life!

Here below are few videos that will give you some good idea on how to use Yoga to get rid of your acidity or acid reflux problem naturally, without any type of medications or artificial supplements!

Talk to you again! Stay Fit, Stay Healthy!! 🙂

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