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Posted on 22nd June 2016 in Acid Reflux Diets

The first step on how to stop heartburn or acid reflux is moving towards a healthy acid reflux diet. It’s really a major one as your food habit is one of the main causes that fuel your heartburn issues.

good-diet for heartburn

This is gradual journey of you getting rid of the wrong food that triggers your reflux and get it off your kitchen, and replacing them with the right once that takes good care of it. We will also discuss in great details how to cook your food so that it doesn’t irritate your food pipe and relief it from any further damage by constant acid attacks.

It can be scary for many of us as it may also mean avoiding few of the food stuffs that are in our most favorite list. We know it can be pretty hard, and that’s why we will take care of it so that the transition from your usual diet to a healthy acid reflux diet is smoother, pleasant & enjoyable to your palate too, so that you can stick to it without any hesitation.

The fact that you have identified & acknowledged your problem, and looking for a solution (that’s why you are here, isn’t it?!) already proves that you want to get rid of the problem and are ready for a change. This is a big step in itself. Many of us do not take these basic steps towards healing and a healthier life. We keep ignoring the problem, till it becomes too big and complicated for us to handle, causing some serious consequences later. Then there is nothing left to do but regret, as they incur those heavy medical bills and unnecessary troubles that accompany it.

But you are not like that. You are a pretty wise soul, as you are here, reading this and making the right choices. That’s really commendable! 🙂

As you progress with your diet plan, you may be sometimes tempted to go back to your old diet habits like taking too much of caffeine, or red meat, or even those casual midnight snacks of yours. It can definitely be bit on the tougher side for deleting your favorite foods off your diet. But you need to keep reminding yourself of all the bad experiences due to this heartburn issue you had till now, and the negative impacts these foods can have on your health. If you strictly adhere to your acid-reflux diet, you will gradually get used to it and start seeing the favorable results very soon. It’s then that you will feel really glad, as you live a reflux-free life. No more of those painful and irritating heartburns annoying you all the time. You will be much relieved and be at peace!

So, let’s get started!

how to stop heartburn

The Perfect Heartburn-free Lifestyle!

To start with, do let your near and dear ones know very well, of what exactly you are going through and what you are going to do about it. Their support is very essential for you to keep yourself in track and not getting diverted off it! Let your family know, what exactly is heartburn or acid reflux and what are the negative consequences it can have on you. Make them well aware of the facts about this health problem (it’s even good for their own). Let them know what the food types you are going to avoid (such as high-fat or spicy foods, or foods that are acidic in nature like citrus fruits, hot dogs, lean beef or parmesan cheese etc.) and what are favorable for you (like oatmeal, aloe-vera, green vegetables, banana or melon etc.). It’s also a good idea for you to stay away from processed foods.

Also let your friends know that you are not going to join them on those beer or spirit parties, as alcohol is quite detrimental to your acid reflux problems. We have discussed in detailed the foods that you should avoid for acid reflux.

Here are the rough list of foods that you need to cut out of your list: Caffeine, Alcohol, Canned  or Processed foods, Citrus, Chocolates, Raw garlic and onion, Red meat etc. Lean protein such as chicken or sea-foods is easier on your stomach, i.e. it takes lesser time to break them into smaller digestible chuck and empties the stomach much quicker unlike your hamburger or big bacon, which takes a long time to get digested. So these are not a problem. But again, keep everything moderated. Too much of anything can cause you trouble.

Spices like Black-Pepper, Chili, Mustard, Cayenne & Nutmeg etc are to be minimized. You also need to get rid of Carbonated drinks, Fried and Spicy foods, Excess of fat diets.

Avoid having large meals and cut them into smaller meals. Do not eat till you are absolutely full. Do leave some space in there. Too much of eating puts a lot of pressure on the LES and thereby triggering acid reflux.

heartburn friendlyNow here are the foods that you should include more into your daily diet. Bananas are quite a healthy fruit as it helps in calming down your acid reflux. It also contains loads of good nutrients such as fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin A and C. Banana has no cholesterol and sodium. They are pretty rich in potassium which helps in you in maintaining your bone mineral density and also prevents formation of kidney stone.  It also has amino acid tryptophan (not to worry, as this one is a good acid for you), that preserves memory and boosts your mood.

Green leafy vegetables like Broccoli, Lettuce, Spinach, Kale and Turnip greens are very mild on the pH level, thus making them a good food for the heartburn sufferers. They are also extremely beneficial for your overall health as they promote good intestinal health and strong immune systems. The darker the greens, the better for your!

Green-Leafy for heartburn

Other foods like the melons, oatmeal, rice, tofu, avocado, parsley are good for you. Do include them in your regular diet.

Avoid non-hydrogenated products (products having fat that stays solid at room temperature) such as butter, lard or frosting. Instead go for hydrogenated products & nutritious oils like corn oil or vegetable oil. Olive oil is a healthy option for you. But consumption of any type of oil should be moderated, as oil contains fat.

Even the cooking processes impacts your reflux behavior. For example, frying is not preferable as it aggravates heartburn. Instead go baked or roasted food. Sautéing is also a good alternative to frying.

So these are few of the things you can take care of in this initial stages to stop your heartburn problem. We will be discussing more about your acid reflux diet. We will provide you with all the required information. But ultimately its upon you and only you to follow our advises and get rid of your acid reflux.

Here are few videos for you that will give you some good information on why to avoid acid blocking drugs and how to rather stop heartburn or acid reflux naturally!

Eat Healthy. Stay healthy! 🙂

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